Free and Special Economic Zones in Iran

Dear Colleague – Dear Friend – Yarmehrban
Even a little guide will make us proud.
Please refer to the site for the type of activity and cooperation:
Please refer to the link at the top of the first page of the site, free zones and special economic zones.
PDFs are located in Ling Free zones and special economic zones.
(For sahlolat, PDFs are presented to the attachment)
With the help of the Merciful God and the ability of competent and conscientious business managers (IONA Holding) in Iran and Europe, they have achieved a great positive result.
That's according to the order of the holding management:
Not only do they help us in Iran, but they also logically launch (training, assembly, production) in iran's free and special economic zones to start producing and honoring and exporting goods and products obtained from free and special economic zones to the applicant countries.
(Branding Iranian goods and products with the best global brands and international standards).

Cause (establishment) of construction in free zones:
– Easy access without customs problems for export.
– Easy access without problems for importing machinery and parts and raw materials required.
– Comfort of foreign investors for capital outflow.
– There are dozens of other facilities available in free and special economic zones that create a special comfort for the investor.
As you are aware, (IONA Holding in a number of free and special economic zones of Iran) is signing a contract and starting up.

So please:
Please guide us in writing on the following and what you may consider.

A- Choosing a free and special economic zone and the benefits of each of them in your opinion.
B- Introduction of architects – civil engineers – masters in construction fields.
C- Introduction of interior and enclosure designers.
D- Introducing lighting specialists.
E- Introducing competent managers to manage established parts.
F- Introducing competent personnel to serve applicants.
G- Introducing natural or legal persons to assign European brands to (traders and investors) for cooperation and investment in free and special economic zones.
H- Introducing reputable lawyers for cooperation in free and special economic zones.
I- Introducing high-ranking managers (with brilliant records) to manage IONA's international collections in free and special economic zones.

Any kind of guidance you have will be proud of us and using your advice is a brand for us.

Secretary General of Silk Road Holding – IONA
In Iran and the Middle East and former Russian countries
Dr. Tajari

For sahlolat, PDFs are presented to the attachment.

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